Landscape Maintenance

What does maintaining your beautiful new landscape mean to us?

First of all, it's an honor and a big responsibility. We promise you to take care of your lawn, pond, path, bushes, trees and flowers as if they were our own. We offer professional, careful, and reliable services which will keep your investment in landscape "bloom" most of the year. We will also prepare everything for resting during the winter and come again in the spring to revive your front- and backyard into its full beauty.accent trimming

By taking advantage of our expertise, professional equipment and passion for the job well done, you are going to save money, time and hassle involved in self-maintenance of your landscape.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

When you invest in your landscape, you enhance the value of your property. With changing seasons, proper maintenance is key to prevent problematic issues. For example, proper pruning is essential to develop the best looking and healthy ornamental specimens. Certain plants don't require constant shearing and often decline as a result of improper maintenance. Whether you want impeccable turf or a pristine healthy landscape, call Groh Works to develop a customized maintenance plan for your home.

Our Landscape Maintenance services include:

  • Spring / Fall Clean-up
  • Bed Maintenance (Weed Control | Cultivating | Edging)
  • Hardwood Bark Mulch
  • Rototilling / Cultivating
  • Perennials & Annuals / Plant Selection
  • Pruning / Trimming